Our vision are delighted customers who believe in themselves, in the power of uncomplicated plant based cosmetics and who enjoy their life to the fullest.

Clemantine whishes to support you with its uplifting , effective and botanical products on this journey.


We want to offer you delightful effective botanical cosmetics which bring a smile to your face.

Because we believe nature is bright and full of fun but never forgets to be powerful.

And a smile is the best cosmetic for a beautiful you.


Learning never stops. Not as a company and not as a person. In the hunt for the ingredients with the best benefits, the passion for research and cosmetics is our main impulse. This is the base of all our products.

Each ingredient is chosen for its effectiveness to give you the greatest satisfaction. We also strive to incorporate the “smile factor” into each of our blends.

This helps us to develop the most effective products and to keep our fans and ourselves passionate about our creation.

About Us Smile!